real problems - real collaboration

ComCoSim settings offer a high degree of freedom. Interaction is live and real, the participants identify themselves strongly and emotionally achieve success only jointly.

In ComCoSim simulations 4 up to 14 persons can participate. Everybody has his own tablet, moves freely and interacts continously with his colleagues, face-to-face.

Social-Business-Simulations by ComCoSim

  • focusing team-performance
  • flexible roles
  • individual areas of responsability
  • real interaction
  • complex interrelations
  • scalable dynamic

Our simulations are highly flexible in-house develpments which simulate the management dynamic of todays' companies.

Very practical, most intense workshop I ever had.
The content and method are helpful, I was lost in the beginning but soon appreciated the method: practical real cases, dealing with uncertain situations, the helicopter view...

Senior ProjectmanagerInternational automotive-supplier