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Hybrid Qualification

Competency development needs the confrontation with a problem close to real live. ComCoSim generates genuine complex, dynamic problems with social business simulations. Here we implement your business-context.

This strengthens the individual competencies parallel and effectively; in a fascinating, motivating live experience. Your employees are emotionally and mentally involved in a real, live business problem. Together with their colleagues they tranform their knowledge into competencies.

These three elements - the live experience, the business context and the individual competencies rolled into one situation generates a training- efficiency comparable to a hybrid-motor: maximum driving pleasure, optimal (transfer) range with minimal usage of ressources.

The complex live experience we generate using dynamic business simulations, developed by ComCoSim itself.

Like this we create in the workshop a live-experince that activates all spheres of competency relevant for the people's development.

effective qualification

Based on this active approach, Hybrid-Qualification provides a long-lasting effect.