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- practical, focused and appealing

good for

Strategy - Management - Leadership - Team - Complexity - Change

Very practical, most intense workshop I ever had.
Content and method are helpful, practical real cases, dealing with uncertain situations, the helicopter view...

Senior ProjectmanagerInternational automotive-supplier


experience joy and excellence


effektive workshops. successful transfer.
enthusiastic participants.


experience-oriented business simulation

'Social Business Simulations' provide state-of-the-art qualification.

Based on live experinces ComCoSim imparts key competencies; effective time usage, high motivation, strong enthusiasm and real successful transfer.

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Why ComCoSim?

  • real action, little theory
  • high motivation, high committment
  • successful transfer
  • short workshops, strong impact
  • capacity to act instead of 'knowing'
  • all competencies integrated
  • close to your business-context.

good for

  • leadership qualification
  • managing business
  • steering projects
  • managing complexity
  • team performance
  • potential assessment

good because


Your participants act and learn in a context reflecting the challenges of your business.

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individual competencies

Hybrid Qualification enhances simultaneously the key competencies...

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live experience

learning by doing - nothing better then this. Experiences is anchored instantly, it motivates.

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