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Managing projects

The best way to learn project management is doing it. We simulate projects adopted to your business needs; and your participants then enjoy learning by doing. Depending on your needs we focus on PM-methods; leadership in projects, handling complexity, collaboration, multi-project-management and international cooperation.

Topics can be:

  • Processes
  • Project assigment & Scope Statement
  • Work breakdown strucure
  • Project schedule, - cost planning
  • Quality management
  • Projectcontrolling
  • Riskmanagement
  • Stakeholder interests
  • Handling limited ressources
  • Handling line & project
  • Leadership & project
  • Conflicts in projects
  • Project-Kick-off

ComCoSim simulations...

are as effective as running a real project. Tailored to your specific project-landscape we run project-managmeent qualification that is - promise - more effective then classical approaches.